European Programmes

We embrace the spirit of equal opportunities and cross border cooperation within the EU with the goal of stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship in EU & its partnering countries.The list of programmes we participate either as lead or as partner are:

Through our participation in these programmes we seek to offer our members, and to the community, access to mobilities and training, based on non-formal education tools that will help to stimulate innovation.

Supporting our goal is our team, which consists of technicians, researchers and youth trainers. Our team's main task is creating innovative tools or performing high quality research.

Main topics we work on are:

Digital Skills
Green issues
Youth skills

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By 2022

Youth People from/in Greece for training.

This action cultivates cooperation among multicultural teams, by giving young people the opportunity to work in a diverse, inclusive and innovative environment. These young people are vital for our mission as they empower our global impact.


Erasmus Interns

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Strategic Partnerships & Exchange programs

All our projects have given excellent communication and adaptability skills to all our organization's members.

Our main focus now is on Green Erasmus+ and Digital Erasmus+ projects.

We are ready to have a leading role, working towards a greener, more digital & inclusive Europe!

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