Internship Opportunities for 2024

.About us

Startup Greece is a non-profit organization on a mission to promote,.connect and advance entrepreneurship for Greeks in tech, based in Greece. Its vision is to bring the Greek Startup Ecosystem under the spotlight and maximize its contribution to a global level, by fostering.innovation that will eventually secure sustainability and prosperity across the globe. SG acts to create strong and diverse inclusive communities by democratizing the sources of knowledge and by making.all the necessary means available to every social group for the sustainable development of the startup ecosystem.

SG embraces the spirit of equal opportunities and cross-border cooperation within the EU,.with the goal of stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship in the EU.and its partnering countries aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

As part of our critical actions towards Educational Programs, we’re excited to offer a range of diverse and enriching internship opportunities within our organization and startup network.

Internship Opportunities for 2024:
Startup Greece Internship Position
Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant
Copywriter Copywriter
Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Intern
Journalist Journalist.docx
EU Project Manager EU Project Manager
Human Resources Human Resources Intern.docx
Junior Operations Manager Junior Operations Manager.docx
TikTok Content Creator TikTok Content Creator
Junior Proposal Writer Junior Proposal Writer (EU Funding Instruments)
PR Manager PR Manager.docx
Social Media Manager Social Media Manager – SG.docx
Video Producer Video Producer
Architect Engineer Intern Architect Engineer Intern
Event Organizer Event Organizer – Greek Delegation to Davos
3rd Parties Job Description
Back-end Developer BackEnd Developer
Front-end Developer Front-End Software Developer
Innovation Manager Innovation Manager
SDR Intern SDR Internship Position

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