Synergies, awards, visits abroad, a brand new website, and a lot of preparation… this trimester had it all!

Summer is the time for relaxation but also time for preparation. We at Startup Greece kept our actions on the way while taking some rest this summer.

During this summer, we were happy to receive the national prize of the European Enterprise Promotion Awards, for our initiative, Startup Universe, in the category Promoting the Entrepreneurial Spirit. The ceremony took place during the 86th International expo of Thessaloniki on the 12th of September. The Ministry of Investment & Development of the Hellenic Republic presented the award to Startup Greece.

We, as Startup Greece, are honored and committed to keep on pushing towards our vision of bringing the Greek ecosystem under the spotlight and maximizing its contribution on a global level through innovation and sustainability!

To achieve those mentioned above, we worked off the scene in establishing synergies with local and international stakeholders, which will help us achieve our goals and ambitions. On this ground, we are happy to announce our cooperation with:

We want to thank the previously mentioned entities, and we look forward to cooperating in bringing the Greek ecosystem to the spotlight.

In the process of establishing synergies, Startup Greece visited many countries. Among them was the country of Israel, where we had the chance to “Steal” some knowledge from such an elevated startup ecosystem. Stay tuned for further announcements of Startup Greece in the field of synergies, or if you believe you can cooperate with Startup Greece, reach out to us.

As we uphold the belief in equal education opportunities and transnational cooperation, Startup Greece participates in EU Funded programme calls and projects. On the grounds of projects, Startup Greece participated with volunteers and staff members in 2 Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges and 1 Erasmus+ KA2 Partners meeting. The countries were Poland, Latvia and Italy. As we are near the submission period of EU Funded projects, we will be back to you to give you more stats! In the meantime, if you are interested in participating in our EU endeavors keep an eye on our social media for opportunities for you to participate.

The best part comes last! We are happy to launch our newly designed and interactive site. The site was redesigned, taking in mind the ease of access and the interaction between viewers, take a look and enjoy your “surf” learning more about us and our actions. In the meantime, take a look at our plan of action for 22’-23’.