7 Initiatives for Local & Regional Development.

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7 Initiatives for Local & Regional Development.

Supporting Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The local authority (Municipality or Region) can create an environment conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship. Training programs, support for startups, and the establishment of business parks can promote job creation and economic growth.

→ Establishing and operating co-working spaces for hosting digital nomads and citizens.

→ Creating a digital platform to connect citizens and disseminate information to all relevant stakeholders, including Universities, Businesses, and Civil Society.

→ Organizing an innovation and entrepreneurship conference to connect expatriates with citizens and visitors.

Education and Training: By investing in education and professional training, the municipal authority can provide opportunities for young people to acquire the skills required in emerging fields.

→ Establishing a Youth Center (KEDIVIM) where young people can be trained in innovative topics using non-formal learning tools. Additionally, the Youth Center can offer training activities, mobility opportunities, and serve as a base for volunteer work.

Youth at the Center: Establishing a Municipal/Regional Youth Council. Council members will represent each school unit and convene with the aim of participating, in an advisory capacity, in local government decisions and proposing initiatives.

Volunteerism and Contribution: Creating an electronic volunteer registry within the local government to facilitate the creation or connection of volunteer groups that can work in collaboration with local government services in various situations.

Participation: Implementing an open, continuous dialogue with citizens, including the creation of a citizens’ platform.

The above actions/interventions are of zero to low cost and can be covered by internal resources or through the following financial tools.


European and National Programs:

Within the framework of the European Union, there are numerous programs and initiatives designed to support various sectors and challenges, including economic development, education, innovation, sustainability, health, and more.

Here are some of the most important European programs and initiatives:

Sustainability and cost efficiency 

The above are necessary and can be implemented immediately. In parallel, research and analysis should be conducted to develop a specialized operational strategy. This operational strategy should take into account the infrastructure, stakeholders, and collaboration mechanisms, and provide an overview of necessary interventions in relation to costs. Lastly, an important element of the strategy is the sustainability of the interventions.

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