Become a Co-Organiser for Startup Greece Week 2024!

Startup Greece is calling on passionate individuals, organisations, and community leaders across Greece to join us in making Startup Greece.Week 2024 an unforgettable nationwide event. This exciting initiative, scheduled for October 21st to 27th, is set to be a vibrant platform for showcasing talent, fostering.innovation, and promoting entrepreneurial growth.

Why You Should Get Involved:


What You’ll Gain:

As a co-organiser, you’ll have the.unique at the heart of Greece’s biggest.entrepreneurial event, helping to drive innovation and economic growth in your community. You’ll gain valuable experience, expand, and make a meaningful.impact.on the entrepreneurial landscape.


How to Participate:

Interested in joining us? Here’s how you.can get involved:

Learn More: Discover.the responsibilities.and.details of becoming a co-organiser by visiting here.

Apply Now: Fill out the registration form by.September 14th to.declare your interest and.become part of this exciting journey. Click here to apply.

Let’s work together to make.Startup.Greece Week 2024 a true celebration of entrepreneurial spirit and innovation!

Stay tuned for more.updates and get ready to be inspired.