Exploring Startup Greece’s Connections, Partnerships, and Impact

As the year comes to a close, Startup Greece has been highly active over the past three months, participating in and achieving a number of things that have only strengthened our dedication to our mission. We invite you to learn more about our accomplishments from October to December 2022, as we celebrate 10 years since our founding.

Connecting Ecosystems through EU Programmes

The beginning of October found us in the pleasant position of submitting more than 50 EU project proposals in various EU programmes. These project proposals are submitted on the grounds of Erasmus+, Horizon 2021, EAMF and the European Solidarity Corps. We hope for the best results on these proposals. If you are an organization from the EU or its Partnering Countries, register here, so you can be our next partner, or we can be a member of your consortium. If you are an individual who wants to participate in one of our projects, stay tuned for calls for action, which will be made available on our site and our social media accounts.

On the ground of EU projects, Startup Greece had the opportunity to participate in the implementation of various projects. On the first days of October, we facilitated the Learning Training Activity Entrepreneurship in education: fostering creativity and innovation, an activity which is part of the Erasmus+ KA2 Project “Think, Apply, Share”. During this activity, we had the chance to utilize non-formal education tools for teachers and assist them in infusing entrepreneurship into school education. This activity was followed up by the “LTT-2 Business and sustainability from schools to the labor market”, which took place at the beginning of December in Trebisacce, Italy. In Trebisacce, Startup Greece members showcased methods of achieving the sustainability of entrepreneurship, as well as the enhancement of soft skills, in order to gain a better foothold in the labor or entrepreneurial market.

Startup Greece on the grounds of policy making

Startup Greece is working on bringing the Greek Startup ecosystem into the spotlight by engaging with policy makers. In this spirit, we are happy to announce our participation in the UfM Youth Strategy 2030, which is funded by the European Union, and the lead partner is the Union of the Mediterranean. On these grounds, Startup Greece participates in the action Inclusive Development: Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Employment. In the previous months, Startup Greece – through its Managing Director and Co-Founder, Thanos Paraschos – participated in the online event of the kick-off meeting of the follow-up taskforce to the Plaidoyer 2030 and participated in the 7th UfM Regional Forum, which was held in the framework of the Day of the Mediterranean, on the 24th of November 2022. 


Startup Greece in Universities and Local Communities

Innovation has no background, and it can be fostered by everyone. Following this motto, Startup Greece, alongside the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Peloponnese, participated in a series of events, which were: 


Building partnerships

The previously mentioned actions took place on the ground of an MOU, which was signed between the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Peloponnese and Startup Greece. We are proud to announce the beginning of such a collaboration with the goal of fostering innovation. 

In terms of collaboration, we are happy to announce the beginning of a new cooperation between Startup Greece and Lykos Talent. Lykos Talent is a plug-n-play, all-in-one talent management platform to hire, retain and grow high-performance teams. This cooperation aims to enhance the capabilities of SG but also to bring another perk to our SG Members (Individual, Startup, Corporate, Investor), where they will have a discount of up to 90% on Lykos Talent’s services.

Finally, we are happy to announce the formalization of our cooperation with the Technical Chamber of Greece, Central Macedonia Delegation. This cooperation will enable both entities to stimulate and promote innovation in the North of Greece.


Startup Greece: Connecting Ecosystems on an International Level

Moreover, SG works towards building synergies with other National Ecosystems around the globe. In the past few days, SG met and set the foundations of cooperation with Startup Ecosystem Stakeholders around the world. The countries we are connected to are:

Through these connections, we seek to create an environment of exchange of good practices and enrich the opportunities for greek startup founders to showcase their ideas. This will be achieved in our long-term vision of creating a global tech startup ecosystem.  


Happy 2023 from Startup Greece. May this year bring you personal and professional growth!Join us! 

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The best wishes from our Team

We leave this year behind with many objectives met and a commitment to fulfilling our vision. If you are eager for our following actions, take a look at our plan of action for 22’-23′. Or subscribe to our newsletter to be among the first to find out about our actions and how you can be involved in. 

From all of us from Startup Greece, we wish you the best for the upcoming holidays, and we look forward to seeing you in our next actions.