From Crete to India: Startup Greece’s Global Journey

Hello everyone! As we turn the page on a remarkable October, our November journey begins.
How was your October experience, and what’s on the horizon for this exciting new month?
We’re delighted to present the highlights of last month’s events at Startup Greece!

Startup Greece started its journey, from its birthplace in the Technical University of Crete, in collaboration with valued partners from TUC and Elevate Greece. There we participated in the “Opportunities for Researchers, Spinoffs, and Startups in the Greek Startup Ecosystem” organized by the TTO of the Technical University of Crete, where the spirit of innovation still thrives, evident through the incredible professors, researchers, and students. We have also presented the BIFROST project, co-funded by Innovation Norway.

In line with our commitment to empowering youth entrepreneurship, we also shared our insights on how to enhance policies and programs that support young innovators. This exchange took place at the Youth Entrepreneurship Policy Academy, a collaborative virtual event co-hosted by the OECD and the European Commission.

In the meantime, Startup Greece was represented by Manos Siganakis at the impactful 16th International Scientific Conference on Energy and Climate Change, organized by PROMITHEASnet and KEPA. Manos highlighted critical topics in the Greek startup landscape, showcasing innovative European Projects and introducing promising Greek Green Startups, helping shape the future of sustainable energy and climate action.

Then, we continued our journey across the Aegean Sea, all the way to the Maldives, where our managing director, Thanos Paraschos, set out on a remarkable adventure. During his visit, Thanos had the pleasure of meeting with an influential figure in the Maldives, Professor Dr. Mariyam Shakeela, who has made significant contributions to the country as the former Minister and the CEO of SIMDI Group. Their discussions revolved around the tourism industry, exploring ways to make it more environmentally friendly and sustainable through startups. 

Continuing his previous productive meetings with India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, and the Ambassador of India, Mr. Rudrendra Tandon, Thanos finally got the opportunity to pay a visit to India this October. His goal is to fulfill his commitment to strengthening the ties between our two nations, with a particular focus on fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and exploring investment opportunities.

As Thanos continues his journey in India, he is fully embracing the local culture, immersing himself in the entrepreneurial scene, and forming valuable connections with key stakeholders in the ecosystem.

In the midst of this, our SG Ambassador, George Kractopoulos, visited Vilnius, Lithuania as part of the EYYouth4EUGoals project. In Vilnius, the workshop focused on “Information & Constructive Dialogue,” exploring key components such as respect, empathy, and countering disinformation, propaganda, and fake news. 

In closing, our journey through October has been a remarkable one, filled with exciting collaborations, innovative ideas, and valuable connections. As we step into this new month, we look forward to further expanding the horizons of Startup Greece and continuing to make a positive impact in the fields of entrepreneurship, sustainability, and innovation. We appreciate your ongoing support, and we invite you to stay tuned for more updates, events, and inspiring stories from our dynamic startup community. Thank you for being a part of our journey!