Greek Startups in 2022 in a nutshell!

More than 50 companies were funded in 2022, raising more than 310 million. However, the sums, they borrowed, are not included.

Although this sum was less than the one of 2021, which amounted to 540 million, the investors were more than 90, with the participation percentage of non-Greek in the funding rounds, standing at 73%.

The annual report of Foundation and EIT Digital captures the evolution of the Greek startup ecosystem, where an increased activity is observed by angel investors in 2022, and which reaches 10% of the total investments of the same year, a sum that is double in comparison to the one of 2021.

Within the broader Southeast European ecosystem, Greece breaks ground with the sum of total capital it raised in 2022, as approximately 40% of the total venture funding is secured in Greece.

In 2022, we, also, witnessed a record number of exits, as 19 greek startups were acquired. The most resonant ones were those of Accusonus (acquired by Meta) and Pollfish (acquired by Prodege).

Among the 10 greek startups that are highly ranked in valuation, there are companies like Blueground and Flexcar, which are considered “soonicorns” (a company that has the potential to reach $1 billion in valuation). It is estimated that the total valuation of those 10 companies is approximately €5.5 billion, while the Greek Ecosystem is valued at more than €8 billion.