Join the SG Delegation at Davos!

About the SG Delegation at Davos

Participating in the SG Delegation at Davos allows you to live the unique experience of being in Davos during the days of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting. 

At this period of time, Davos is full of tech giants, unicorns, consulting firms, big banks, economists, investors, innovators, thought leaders and Policymakers who seek opportunities to meet, network, invest, make deals, and find potential clients. 

You can join the SG Delegation at Davos and access all the above, plus several side events in the WEF environment, such as the World Innovation Economics, which will be co-hosted by Startup Greece on 18 January

Below is the application form for the SG Delegation at Davos during the WEF Annual Meeting on 16-20 January 2022 in Davos, Switzerland.


The requirements

The SG Delegation at Davos is a Greek delegation dedicated to creating added value for the Greek startup ecosystem. 
The requirements for taking part are:

1. Being Greek or Cypriot or having a Greek origin (e.g. Greek of the diaspora), or being related to the Greek startup ecosystem scene (e.g. founded a startup in Greece).

2. Owning one of the following SG Memberships: ”SU Startup”,”Startup”, “Corporate”, or “Investor”. (You can purchase one at the end of this application form. Take a look at the SG Membership options and their additional benefits here).*

3. Being a SU alumnus or network.

Before submitting, make sure that:

  • the info stated below is correct
  • you have carefully read the SG Delegations‘ description (including the FAQ).

For any questions, feel free to contact us!

*In case you want to apply for SG Delegations Ambassador: In the below field “Please select an SG Membership option”, choose the option “Individual – Become the SG Delegation Ambassador 2023”. (Applications have closed. Ambassador will be announced shortly.)


Useful links

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-Startup Greece can have access to the World Economic Forum OPEN Event and may be able to provide invitations for the delegates.


Application form

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