EP#14: Jon Vlachogiannis, Founder of Agent Risk

April 24, 2020

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0:00 Intro 

1:30 Icebreakers

8:15 Early Career Stages

11:20 Startups in Greece vs USA

15:22 Idols and Mentors

17:03 Challenges and Success

21:56 Presentation of AgentRisk

27:10 Should One get Funds from Angel Investors, VC or go Solo?

28:25 Functions of Agent Risk

28:52 Investments

31:10 Contact Information and Goals

33:27 Favorite Quote 

34:55 Collaborations and Side-Projects

44:50 AI Tools

46:00 Angel Investors or Clients?

49:35 S&P 500

52:15 Motivation and Helping Others

56:30 What Changes can be made in Greece?

58:52 Cryptocurrencies and other Payment Methods

1:02:05 CBD Startups

1:05:08 RTX 8000

1:05:55 Opinions on Stocks and Financial Advisors

1:10:58 How to enrol in Wealth Management

1:14:50 Daily Routine

1:19:22 Finding Investors and Opinion on PLUM

1:26:40 Tech Trends in the Sport Industry

1:32:30 Outro

More about the speaker:

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