EP#24: Paul Efmorfidis, Founder of COCO-MAT

February 3, 2021

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0:00 Intro

2:42 Icebreakers

12:10 Presentation of COCO-MAT

16:06 First Customer

19:05 First Shop

21:49 Love for nature

24:17 School years

25:58 How did he succeed?

27:21 Ideas & Projects

35:38 The future of transportation

38:10 Job opportunities

46:22 Post-COVID changes in the market

47:43 If you were Prime Minister, what would you do?

55:02 Outro

More about the speaker:

“When the tree dies, I want to ride it on a bike, travel with it and finally see the world.”

Paul Efmorfidis is the person behind the company COCO-MAT Greece & COCO- MAT.bike.

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