EP#30: Kyriakos Tsigkros, Co-Founder of Campsaround

March 17, 2021

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00:00 Intro

03:26 Icebreakers

06:22 Self Presentation

07:55 Definition of Entrepreneurship

08:28 Conception of an Idea

09:12 Presentation of Campsaround

09:56 Contact Details

10:15 Services of Website Platform

11:15 Service Availability by Country

11:36 Incentives to Bootstrap this Startup

14:12 The First Steps

16:24 The First Technical Steps

19:42 Basic Tools for Frontend Web Development (free landing pages)

21:39 Tools to Find the First Customers

23:41 Idea Platform – Capsule T

24:48 The First Customers of Campsaround

26:52 The First Difficulties: finding human resources and financing the startup

28:25 B2B Financing Solutions / Funding

30:21 Visualization of Campsaround in the Future

31:27 Possible Obstacles and Practical Solutions

33:08 Voice Search and the Future of Website Platforms

33:40 Awkward Incidents

36:08 Gaps in the Industry

38:47 An Inspiring Punchline

40:27 Outro

More about the speaker:

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