EP#32: Vasileia Chatzistergiou – Co-Founder of BookingClinic.com

March 31, 2021

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00:00 Intro

05:34 Icebreakers

06:53 Brief Presentation of Booking Clinic

08:17 The Reason Behind This Foundation

09:54 Personal Background

11:01 Combination of Entrepreneurship with Medical Studies

12:40 The Entrepreneurship Bug

13:57 Balance Between Running a Startup and Working in a Hospital

14:41 The Importance of Working in a Team

16:30 The Foundation and Development of the Startup Team

17:42 How to Choose the Right Colleagues in the Startup Community

19:08 From Idea to Startup

22:13 Expanding Abroad

23:38 Model of Booking Clinic – Adapting to the Pandemic

27:03 Conversion Marketing Strategies

29:30 Progress through Difficult Times

31:15 The Healthcare Industry and the Need for Innovation

33:30 Advice for New Startupers

34:44 Outro

More about the speaker:

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