EP#42: Kyriakos Tzampazidis, Founder & CEO of Lykos Talent

November 10, 2022

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0:00 Intro

6:07 Presentation Lykos Talent 

7:05 Difficulties in the hospitality sector 

8:06 Focus segment for Lykos Talent 

9:24 Adapting a Startup for Success (during and after the Covid-19 Pandemic)

12:23 Opening your Startup to new Industries (horizontal growth)

13:38 Partnerships 

14:12 Market Tranformations in the Hospitality Sector & Future Vision

16:01 HR Market in UAE

17:40 Scaling Model to have Sustainable Economic Growth 

21:03 Pricing 

21:35 Customer’s View on Competitive Advantatge 

22:26 Value Creation 

23:50 Attracting Customers 

24:44 Fundraising 

26:05 Why Lykos Talent is the Best Solution?

28:12 Exit Strategy 

30:05 HR Tech Market & VC Funds

31:14 Favorite Quote 

More about the speaker:

While working in hospitality, Kyriakos Tzabazidis discovered an issue with the employees’ high turnover rate. To resolve this problem, he developed the next generation’s all-in-one talent management platform, Lykos Talent.
Lykos Talent predicts candidates’ future performance and helps HR managers to make accurate decisions faster by combining team optimization and talent intelligence with assessment technology.

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