EP#43: Effie Salta, Co-Founder & CEO of MEDIPASS

November 16, 2022

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0:00 Intro

1:49 Presentation & Idea of Medipass

3:11 Customer Solution

4:52 Building a Product around Customer’s Demand

5:58 Making Shifts while Building a Startup

6:57 Fertility Market

8:05 Growth Projection

8:58 How to get Revenue

9:53 Pricing

10:27 Competitive Advantage & Attracting Customers

13:55 Dealing with Healthcare Professionals

15:19 Current State (How is the Startup going)

16:36 Average Cost of a Fertility Journey

17:58 Building a Community

19:11 The Team

20:21 Fundraising, VC Funds, and Angel Investors

22:23 Investments in the Field of Fertility

24:54 Exit Strategy

26:12 The Vision and the Goal for the next 5 years

27:12 Favorite Quote

More about the speaker:

Effie Salta is the Co-Founder & CEO of Medipass; a Fem-Tech Startup company focused on the women’s fertility journey.

Medipass helps women battling infertility by providing them with an objective, data-based tool for doctor recommendations.

With a clear 5-year vision, Medipass aims to have more than 2.000 clinics on board on its platform and strives to help more than 60.000 women worldwide.

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