EP#45: Vasilis Tsougkas, Co-Founder & CEO of Estate Brains

November 30, 2022

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0:00 Intro

1:49 Presentation Estate Brains

3:34 Product

4:41 Customer Profile

6:02 Real State Market (Greece) & Projections

8:01 Business Model & Pricing Packages 

9:15 Attracting customers and Marketing Strategy 

12:21 Competitive Advantage 

14:28 Technology use

15:58 Data Use in Greece 

18:11 Current Position & Milestones

19:41 Funding

21:49 The Team 

22:28 Why Estate Brains is the Best Solution?

23:40 Exit Strategy

24:29 VC Funds & Investors 

26:23 Favorite Quote

More about the speaker:

Having to deal with unstructured data might be a struggle for many companies. Is it possible to succeed in a market that is involved with unstructured data?

In this episode, we welcome Vasilis Tsougkas, the co-founder of Estatebrains, a web platform focused on real estate data analytics.

Estatebrains helps real estate professionals/brokers to eliminate the time needed for their decision-making process by enabling them to evaluate properties quickly.

While offering a simple user interface, Estatebrains:
– Leverages AI and machine learning.
– Uses state-of-the-art technology solutions like computer vision and geospatial analysis.
– Offers a procedure to allow the users to upload their own data.

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