Photo of Vasilis Danias, Co-Founder & CEO of Bitloops

EP#50: Vasilis Danias, Co-Founder & CEO of Bitloops

January 18, 2023

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0:00 Intro

01:44 The background

03:08 The birth of the Bitloops idea

05:09 Bitloops’ solution

06:05 Estimating how long it takes to have something up to the market or to fix a product or a system

13:50 Product market fit

15:00 Market feedback

16:40 The challenges for Bitloop’s future users

18:05 How can Bitloops be combined with education 

20:20 Revenue Generation / Business Model

21:25 Competitive Advantage

23:25 Market’s size and Bitloop’s plan for the next 5 years

25:20 Vasilis’ perspective on the future of coding

28:00 Building a strong community and network for Bitloops’ users

30:15 The team 

31:32 Funding strategy 

More about the speaker:

In this episode, we welcome Vasilis Danias, Co-Founder & CEO of Bitloops.

Bitloops is a software development platform that empowers developers to be the best at their job and maximize their productivity.

♾️ helps developers understand how to build better-designed software.
♾️ provides developers with the required skill set relevant to any type of software development environment.
♾️ transfers the experience and wisdom of Senior Software developers and puts them in a system that guides and educates Junior developers.
♾️ believes in the importance of building a strong community and loyal customers.

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