Picture of Konstantinos Tzortzis, Co-Founder & CEO of Unlimited Adrenaline

EP#51: Konstantinos Tzortzis, Co-Founder & CEO of Unlimited Adrenaline

February 1, 2023

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00:00 Intro

00:47 Background

02:26 Experience on working in a stressful work environment

03:28 Vision of being an entrepreneur

04:09 What is Unlimited Adrenaline

04:36 Idea of Unlimited Adrenaline

05:33 Advantages of Unlimited Adrenaline

06:25 Progress of Unlimited Adrenaline

09:10 Software and Business Model

12:04 Future Goals and Markets

14:57 Competitors

17:44 Communities

20:09 Commission and Revenue

24:09 Fundraising 

26:21 Future Vision

28:13 Plan B in case of failure

29:20 The Team

30:50 Favourite Quote

More about the speaker:

The CEO and co-founder of Unlimited Adrenaline, Konstantinos Tzortzis, was into extreme sports for many years when he realized that he could turn this into business! 

That’s when Unlimited Adrenaline was born! The platform brings together all different kinds of extreme sports to make it easier for sports lovers to find and choose their favourite activity in affordable prizes.


ℹ Konstantinos Tzortzis is a highly skilled and experienced professional with a background in aviation and a passion for outdoor and extreme sports. He has over 1200 flight hours as a senior aircraft mechanic and flight engineer/loadmaster, and has a strong track record of managing large projects and working efficiently under pressure. In addition to his technical expertise, Konstantinos has a broad range of business skills, having studied Mathematics and taken various courses in digital marketing, project management, economics, and business. Before co-founding Unlimited Adrenaline, he held positions as a regional sales manager and team leader. Konstantinos is an avid learner, who enjoys traveling and acquiring new skills, making him a well-rounded and dynamic individual.

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