EP#53: Nikos Sklavounos, Founder of UniStudents

February 15, 2023

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00:00 Intro

00:49 Background

02:48 Idea of Unistudents

05:00 What solutions Unistudents offers

08:17 Customer feedback

11:21 Revenue streams and new features

15:01 The Greek Market

16:25 Future goals

17:59 Vision

20:01 Competition

29:16 Importance of raising money

30:21 Experimentation with opportunities

32:52 The Team and the mission of Unistudents

37:44 Favourite Quote

More about the speaker:

“The game is not over until you stop playing” is the inspiration behind every decision and idea Nikos Sklavounos comes up with. Nikos quickly realized that students did not have access to an application that could inform them on the spot about their progress and any announcements regarding their studies. 

His need to help himself and his fellow students led to the creation of Unistudents, a mobile application that has all the necessary information that a student needs to know throughout their studies

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