EP#54: Alex Lambropoulos, Co-Founder of Measurly.io

February 22, 2022

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00:00 Intro 

02:06 Background

05:38 Idea of Measurly

07:12 The problem Measurly solves 

09:30 Customer’s reaction to the product 

11:00 Services

11:50 Target audience

13:18 Revenue streams

15:00 What community Measurly builds

16:15 Information about the market 

18:50 2023 goal 

20:04 Competitive advantage 

24:42 Future goals

26:35 The team

27:40 Vision 

28:34 Favourite quote & inspiration

More about the speaker:

AI technology has evolved rapidly in the past few years. Alex Lambropoulos, an ambitious Greek, has co-founded Measurly, a platform that wants to help companies personalize their products to their clients through advanced machine learning modeling.

ℹ️ Alex is the co-founder of Measurly and a data-driven growth marketer by trade. A product & marketing generalist, his background includes experiences across customer lifecycle management, conversion rate optimization, customer acquisition, and data analytics. He was most recently Head of Growth at Beat, a ride-hailing company with operations in LATAM, where he led the global driver & rider growth teams focused on customer engagement and retention.

Measurly is a data science service that utilizes AI-powered personalization to help technology companies increase their customer lifetime value.

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