SGTALKS | EP#55: Dimitrios Seintaridis, Founder of MysteryPot , Founder of MysteryPot

EP#55: Dimitrios Seintaridis, Founder of MysteryPot

March 8, 2023

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00:00 Intro

01:48 Background and Vision of building a startup

03:40 Vision of being an entrepreneur

05:18 Idea of MysteryPot

07:24 What is MysteryPot

09:22 Current stage of the business

11:05 Growth of MysteryPot and future goals

12:28 Revenue Streams

13:15 Customers and subscription

15:30 The Greek Market

16:23 Food waste and change of mindset in the next 5 years

20:12 Competitive advantage

22:11 Smart utilization of food waste

25:00 Financial goals

26:19 The Team

27:07 Principles of the company

28:22 Favourite Quote

More about the speaker:

Dimitrios Seintaridis was always interested in the entrepreneurship world as well as in finding smart ways to save the environment. Those two passions, combined, led to the idea and launch of MysteryPot, a platform that connects customers with stores that have surplus meals, offering them at lower prices! With every pot, customers are met with a thrilling surprise, as the contents are determined by the unsold products at the end of each day. Mystery Pot is on a mission to reduce food waste not just in Greece but around the world!

ℹ️ Dimitrios Seintaridis is a Software Developer who turned into an entrepreneur!

He has more than 5 years of working experience with a specialization in Java, Android, and Angular.

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