EP#56: Eleni Polychroniadou, Co-Founder of Sintali

March 15, 2023

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00:00 Intro

03:21 Background

05:45 What is Sintali

07:12 Edge Certification 

09:19 Idea of Sintali

12:42 Progress 

14:39 Revenue streams 

16:51 Competition 

19:15 Vision

21:00 Fundings 

23:56 The team 

25:16 Values 

27:55 The future of the environmental space 

29:44 How the pandemic and the energy crisis affected the business 

31:47 How the platform educates about sustainability 

32:50 Favourite quote

More about the speaker:

“If you knew you could not fail, what would you do?” is the quote that gives inspiration to Eleni Polychroniadou. The co-founder of Sintali explains to us what an environmental verification company does and how they help build companies and governments in order to create a more sustainable future. 

ℹ️ Eleni Polychroniadou is an impact entrepreneur, dedicated to improving the sustainability of the built environment. In 2020 she co-founded Sintali, an environmental verification body working to ensure that every building globally is green. Eleni is a strategic thinker who specializes in joining the dots between finance, verification, policy, and delivery to increase accessibility and simplify the full green building ecosystem and process. Eleni brings a multicultural approach to her work. As a Greek national who was raised abroad, she speaks 3 languages and has worked in the United States and Europe. In her current role at Sintali, she manages the international expansion plans for the organization and works across 75 different countries across the world to support the uptake of green buildings. Her work has taken her across the globe to deliver presentations and build local partnerships, including India, Bolivia, and Colombia. Educating stakeholders on the value of green buildings, whilst simplifying the message to drive mass uptake and meaningful change, is crucial to market uptake and second nature to Eleni, who is an experienced sustainability communicator and holds an Honors BA in Environmental Policy from Middlebury College (USA). Eleni’s dedication and thought leadership is driving positive change globally, and she was recently recognized as one of the ‘50 Rising Stars in ESG’ by the Women of the Future Programme.PitchClaiming your building is sustainable is one thing. Proving it is another. That’s what Sintali does. We certify that your buildings meet an international green building standard to help you gain multiple business benefits, from international financing to increased building valuation.

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