EP#57: George & Panos Karagiannis, Co-Founders of Moveo AI

March 22, 2023

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00:00 Intro 

03:41 Background and idea of Moveo 

08:37 What is Moveo

11:33 Current stage of business 

12:55 Customer support 

14:23 How AI helps

16:37 Human representation 

18:14 Revenue streams & business plan 

19:56 Size of the Market 

21:11 Future goals 

23:11 Competitive advantage 

27:52 Sneak peek of what is coming 

29:31 Fundings and financial goals 

32:27 Funny story & Inspirational quote

More about the speaker:

“Our vision is to provide a turn-key solution for businesses to offer the best customer experience and scale their operations. We design and build technology that has one goal; to solve core business problems” 

ℹ️ George Karagiannis is the co-founder of Moveo.AI and an MS graduate of Cornell University in Computer Science with research publications in top-tier conferences. He works in the intersection between NLP research and engineering, focusing on Conversational AI.

ℹ️ Panos Karagiannis is the co-founder of Moveo.AI and has spent years working with Natural Language Processing in academic and business settings in the United States. His work primarily focuses on the applications of Conversational AI, and he has been awarded US patents and published research papers in that field.

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