EP#60: Antony Lostromos, Founder of Bidpull

April 19, 2023

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00:00 Intro

00:37 Personal information  

01:28 Failures

02:40 The idea of Bidpull

07:40 The progress

09:26 Streams of revenue

12:06 The market

17:34 The competition  

18:51 How the black market is managed   

23:03 Investors 

25:15 Future plans

26:46 How Bidpull will become viral

31:01 Financial goals

33:14 Evolution of the company   

35:31 Favourite quote

More about the speaker:

“We return the power of each transaction back to the buyers while eliminating the need for advertising for the suppliers! We source the best deals with minimum effort for the user and secure the funds until the deal is completed successfully”. In this episode, the founder of Βidpull, Antony Lostromos, gives us an insight into how the company works and the services it offers to its clients.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane of Antony Lostromo’s background:

1999 – Founded NightReport.gr with the best coffee shops, bars and clubs of Athens.

2002 – Founded AllTakeaways.co.uk in Bristol, UK, a catalogue of takeaways to help students find the best food and deals.

2005 – Founded Slim-light.gr for the import and distribution of ultra thin light boxes made in Taiwan.

2009 founded Tzivana.gr, a smoking accessories e-shop.

2015 – Founded Letter-Candles.com, a customized candle production business.

2017 – Supported real estate investment Funds in Athens, buying and refurbishing properties for long-term investment.

2020 – Founded BidPull.com, where buyers post their demands and suppliers compete for the business by submitting their most lucrative bid offer.

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