EP#61: Dominikos Pritis, Founder & CEO of MyRoomie

April 26, 2023

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00:00 Intro 

02:46 Background 

04:32 The idea of MyRoomie 

05:43 Had Dominicos ever thought before about becoming an entrepreneur

06:51 How is the life of a startuper in Poland

07:38 What problem MyRoopie is trying to solve 

09:41 The product  

12:11 Revenue streams

17:46 The market and how it will be transformed 

21:52 Customers and agencies

25:28 Digital nomads and co-living 

26:47 The competition 

28:15 How MyRoomie will attract clients 

30:24 The financial situation – Fundings 

32:07 The team 

33:37 Funny story   

34:49 Favourite quote

More about the speaker:

In today’s episode, we welcome the founder & CEO of MyRoomie, Dominikos Pritis. MyRoomie is an innovative platform that helps its clients to find a roommate. The platform gives you 2 options. The first scenario is that if you live alone and you have an extra room in your house, you can place an ad for rent. Otherwise, if you are looking for a house and you would like to have a roommate, you can find an ad that meets your expectations.

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