EP#62: Anastasios Oulis Rousis, Co-Founder and CEO of SMPnet

May 10, 2023

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00:00 Intro

00:42 Ice-breaking questions

02:24 Background

04:46 Why Anastasios was interested in the energy field

06:10 What is SMPnet

09:07 The customers

11:13 Value proposition for the clients

14:12 Revenue streams

15:08 Size of contracts

16:17 The Market

17:24 Metrics on the development of the energy industry

18:40 Ambitions for the future of the company

21:53 Process to acquire a customer 

24:53 The Competitors

27:48 The realistic goal and the end goal 

29:22 The Team

30:29 Extension of the team in Athens and London 

31:00 Appreciation for all the lessons of this journey

32:04 Favourite Quote

More about the speaker:

Anastasios Oulis Rousis decided to be bold and dive into one of the most challenging industries of the entrepreneurial world; the energy field! Do you wonder why he did it? But, of course, to drive an impact on the world with his company, SMPnet! The startup focuses on the creation of smart future energy systems to facilitate the distribution of energy to everyone around the world! Having offices in London, Glasgow and Athens, SMPnet promises to conquer the rest of the countries and offer a more sustainable way of life!

ℹ️ Anastasios Oulis Rousis…

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