EP#63: Petros Styliaras, Co-Founder of Brive

May 17, 2023

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00:00 Intro

00:52 Ice-breaking questions

02:00 Background

03:57 What is Brive

04:28 How the idea of Brive was born

05:14 Services of Brive and value proposition

07:10 The Customers

08:48 The Market

11:04 Expansion of Brive in the future

11:48 Competitors

13:22 Financial Situation

15:12 Distribution of the invested money 

16:58 The Community Brive is addressed

20:15 Which role Petros prefers

21:36 Use of AI

25:30 The future of career counselling

27:26 Funny story

29:58 Favourite Quote

More about the speaker:

Having experienced difficulties in the education field, Petros Styliaras decided to take matters into his own hands! That is how Brive was born! The startup aims to help students apply successfully to universities abroad and offer them career counselling services so they can choose their career path wisely!

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