EP#64: Dimitriοs Sakellaris, Founder & Team Leader at Statathlon

May 24, 2023

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00:00 Intro

00:43 Background

02:13 How did the idea of Statathlon come up

05:21 What is Statathlon?

07:31 The product 

08:53 What are the technologies Statathlon uses

10:26 The customers

13:57 Worth-mentioning customers

15:21 Revenue streams 

17:17 The contracts 

18:20 The decision maker  

20:12 The market

23:04 The competition

25:20 Financial plans – fundings 

26:56 Future plans

28:44 The team

30:02 The vision

32:00 The sportstech future

34:17 Funny story  

35:58 What does Dimitrios Sakellaris miss from Greece  

37:07 What is Dimitrios Sakellaris’ favourite sport

37:27 Favourite quote

More about the speaker:

In this week’s episode, we welcome Dimitrios Sakellaris, Founder & Team Leader at Statathlon. Statathlon creates a Decision Management Tool that provides a 360-degree view of an Athlete’s profile by showcasing what their body can do (Bio-athletic), what their heart and mind can provide and uplift (Psychometric), and what they deliver on the field (In-game performance). This “multiplier effect” assists teams in reaching their goals without spending a lot of money on new players and staff.

ℹ️ Dimitrios Sakellaris is the Founder & Team Leader at Statathlon, a Data Analytics Startup based in London that helps Sports Organizations mitigate risk in fields like performance, injuries and recruitment (transfers). He has professional experience in Technology, Finance and Sports fields and a strong academic background in the field of Statistics and International Business. He’s currently based in Zurich, CH.

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