EP#67: Thodoris Sofianos, Founder & CEO of Digital Bites

November 22, 2023

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00:00 Intro

00:35 Background

02:26 What is the current problem?

04:55 What does Digital Bites do?

06:30 Revenue streams and the product

10:47 Growth plan

15:34 Customer feedback

20:34 The marketplace

24:13 Funding

25:00 Future plans

26:17 The competitors

30:30 Strategies for a sustainable economic model

32:14 Potential hirings

34:08 Investors

35:40 The Team

More about the speaker:

Recognizing a distinct need for direction in the food industry, Thodoris Sofianos redefined its course by creating Digital Bites. The company offers a cutting-edge Virtual Reality platform, allowing product developers to test and validate their concepts with their target audience before making a physical prototype.

ℹ️ Thodoris Sofianos is a Graduate of AUTH’s School of Agriculture, specializing in Food Science and holds an MSc in Development and Rural Innovation from Wageningen University and Research focusing on food system transitions and entrepreneurship. 

He is passionate about research and turning original ideas into reality and is a thought leader in VR-based consumer research. His broad skill set includes consumer research, sensory science, (food) product management and new product development.

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