EP#68: Helena Stamou, Co-Founder of Swaplanet

November 29, 2023

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00:00 Intro

01:18 Background

03:03 What is Swaplanet?

04:43 Impact 

05:31 The beginning of Swaplanet’s journey

06:07 Customer rotation

07:14 How does the swap system operate?  

09:44 Swaplanet beyond clothing

11:06 The growing market of the second-hand industry

12:52 Growth plans

14:58 What is seasonality?

16:33 Customer feedback

20:30 Revenue streams

24:09 Competitive advantage

27:12 Financial goals and funding

30:07 Investors 

31:09 The Team

More about the speaker:

Disclaimer: This episode was recorded on 22/7/2023, and since then, there have been changes in the Swaplanet team. Please note that Helena Stamou, who was part of the company during the interview, is no longer with Swaplanet. While the information shared during the episode was accurate at the time of recording, there may have been developments or changes in the company since then. We recommend checking Swaplanet’s official channels for the latest updates. Thank you for your understanding.

It’s more apparent than ever that circular fashion is a trend that is here to stay! 

Helena Stamou co-founded Swaplanet, the first-ever circular online fashion platform for kids’ clothing and books in Greece. Swaplanet is here to help families reduce their environmental footprints, instill lifelong positive habits in their children, and access affordable, high-quality clothing.   

ℹ️ Helena is a dynamic and accomplished individual whose journey has been marked by a passion for innovation, communication, and positive impact. 

As a co-founder of Swaplanet, she is a visionary leader with impactful contributions. She pioneered youth entrepreneurship through BusinessCool, excelled in global communication at Nostus, and radiates affection for children. 

Rooted in Greece, her journey showcases commitment to knowledge, adventure, and global betterment.

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