EP#83: Robbert van der Meer, Founder & CEO of bFlex

April 17, 2024

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00:00 – Introduction

01:42 – Apollo’s Mission

02:41 – Company Background

06:42 – Motivation for Transition

09:01 – Market Adoption and Size

11:16 – Technical Overview and Revenue Model

12:34 – Target Customer Profile

14:22 – Growth Strategies

16:05 – Market Projections vs. Local Insights

21:51 – Competitor Analysis

24:30 – Innovation Edge Over Established Players

26:56 – Strategy for Diversification

28:09 – Financial Overview

29:24 – Investment Details

30:46 – Team Introduction

32:23 – Vision for the Future and Concluding Remarks

More about the speaker:

In today’s episode, Robbert van der Meer shares the remarkable journey of bFlex, from its humble beginnings with two bikes in Greece to becoming the go-to destination for 150 bikes and 1000 subscribers. Discover how bFlex is reshaping the cycling scene with its unique blend of rentals, subscriptions, and sales. Tune in for a glimpse into the future of biking!

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