EP#84: Errika Zeler, Co-Founder of Ivoluntry

April 24, 2024

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00:00 – Introduction

01:07 – Errika’s Background

02:24 – Ivoluntry Background

07:10 – Ivoluntry now

11:30 – Revenue Streams

12:46 – Long term Plans

14:37 – Future strategy

15:35 – Activity on social media/events

17:29 – Launch Plans

20:50 – Is there marketplace competition?

26:06 – Strategic Partnerships

27:30 – Funding and Investors

30:58 – Ivoluntry Team

33:01 – Closing thoughts

More about the speaker:

In today’s episode, we welcome Errika Zeler, Co-Founder of Ivoluntry. Errika shares the journey of the idea of Ivoluntry, and the stage development it is at the moment. Errika is trying to create a community around it with the vision to connect volunteers with. companies or non-profit organizations and reward them for their work!

ℹ️ Errika is passionate about life. She is goal-oriented and a fast learner. With highly developed social and communication skills she is always looking for ways to further develop her strengths and initiatives that give her the opportunity to learn.

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