EP#85: Despina Zoura, Co-Founder of Turn It Green

May 8, 2024

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00:00 – Introduction

00:44 – Despina’s Background

06:00 – Turn It Green’s Mission

09:41 – Problems that Turn It Green addresses

12:10 – Why a green turn is important

19:41 – Revenue Streams

23:31 – Future strategy

24:41 – Market size estimates

28:47 – Expansion plans and focus regions beyond Greece

30:23 – Marketplace Competition

33:12 – Future funding

34:57 – Turn It Green Team

38:09 – Closing thoughts and Call to Action

More about the speaker:

In today’s episode, we welcome Despina Zoura, Co-Founder of Turn It Green. Turn it Green is the go-to app for anyone looking to embrace sustainability effortlessly. With curated tips, eco-friendly product recommendations, and valuable resources, users can make informed choices for a greener lifestyle. Join a vibrant community, share your eco-initiatives, and take meaningful steps towards a more sustainable future.


ℹ️ Despina is passionate about environmental innovation and climate-conscious solutions. As a Co-Founder at Turn It Green, She spearheads the development of advanced carbon calculation methodologies within our gamified app while crafting engaging educational content. With a PhD in Paleo-Climate Modeling and a background as a Researcher, her expertise lies in scientific research, particularly in climate change and oceanographic topics.

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