EP#86: Stephanos Savvakis, Co-Founder of the SARM project

May 15, 2024

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00:00 – Introduction

00:26 – What is the SARM project

02:11 – The technology of the SARM project

03:31 – Problems that the SARM project are solving

05:47 – The Focus of the SARM project

08:34 – Services and target group

11:53 – Strategy for Diversification

15:09 – Customer Avatar

18:21 – Marketplace Competition

23:56 – Funding and Investors

26:14 – Future Plans

27:52 – the SARM project’s Team

29:44 – Growth Plans

31:14 – Closing thoughts and Call to Action

More about the speaker:

In today’s episode, we are welcome Stephano Savvaki, Co-Founder of the SARM project. The SARM project focuses on developing a new concept rotary engine called the SARM engine. This innovative engine is designed to be much smaller, lighter, and more efficient than traditional internal combustion engines. It operates oil-free, minimizes environmental impact, and can function using various fuels including petrol, hydrogen, and synthetic fuels.

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