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May 31, 2024

Jobs Roadmap

The project aims to promote employability fostering sustainable growth and innovation in the job market….

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May 24, 2024

Empowering European Youth: The #EUYOUTH4EUGOALS Initiative

Engage, connect, and empower EU youth through #EUYOUTH4EUGOALS. Participate and inspire change with EUYOUTH4EUGOALS….

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CURIE: Enhancing Youth Support with Emotional Intelligence

CURIE enhances youth support by integrating Emotional Intelligence into training and tools for youth organizations across Europe….

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Green Leadership for Hotel Managers

“Green Leadership for Hotel Managers” promotes sustainable practices in hotel management through workshops and digital dissemination….

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Work Without Borders

Work Without Borders empowers Polish youth to engage in local budgets through workshops and contests, promoting active citizenship….

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Digital Futures: Enhancing Digital Skills for Young Europeans

Digital Futures enhances digital literacy and career skills for young Europeans, reducing unemployment and bridging the skills gap….

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No Limits Sea Emotions: Inclusive Diving for All

No Limits Sea Emotions promotes inclusive, responsible diving through technology and shared practices across Europe….

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