CURIE: Enhancing Youth Support with Emotional Intelligence


The CURIE project, spanning 24 months in Italy, aims to assist youth organizations in Europe by introducing new tools and methods inspired by business and Emotional Intelligence (EI) theory. The project will analyze stakeholders’ needs and combine them with effective EI techniques. Additionally, it will provide learning materials and train 15 staff members from partner organizations to enhance their Emotional Intelligence skills. The goal is to improve support for young people, develop practical guidelines, and integrate the CURIE model into youth institutions across Europe and internationally. This initiative addresses rising depression, isolation, and anxiety among young people while elevating the quality of youth work through innovative approaches.

The Project

Objectives of Emotional Intelligence in Youth Organizations

Activities Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

Organizations Supporting the Project

Impact of the CURIE Project on Youth Organizations

The CURIE project aims to create a lasting impact on youth organizations by: