Rome, Italy: Goal #11 “Youth Organizations and European Programmes”

Event Dates: June 26-28, 2024

Location: Rome, Italy


Our Rome workshop is dedicated to enhancing collaborations between youth organizations and European programs. It aims to elevate youth engagement throughout Europe by assessing and improving these partnerships.

Key Objectives:

Workshop Schedule and Activities:

This three-day workshop will host 18 participants aged 18-30 from various partner organizations, focusing on achieving EU Youth Goal #11.

Day 1: Participants start with ice-breakers to create a welcoming atmosphere. This is followed by an introductory session that reviews EU Youth Goal #11, exploring both its successes and ongoing challenges.

Day 2: Today, the group splits into three smaller teams. Each team tackles a specific challenge in enhancing cooperation between youth organizations and European programs. They proceed through three discussion phases:

Day 3: The workshop culminates as groups synthesize their discussions to create a Youth Toolkit for Youth Organizations and European Programs. This toolkit will compile innovative strategies and practical solutions to strengthen future collaborations.

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