SG Delegation at Davos – 4 reasons to take part as an Investor

In the previous days, we described how somebody could join the SG Delegation at Davos, as well as the SG Network. Now, we will focus on why you should participate in the SG Delegation at Davos on 15-20 January 2023 if you are an Investor

Due to the fact that the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting takes place in Davos these days, Davos attracts thousands of startup ecosystem stakeholders, like policymakers, thought-leaders, founders and investors who seek networking and collaboration opportunities.

So, as an Investor of the SG Delegation at Davos, you will gain access to: 

  1. The pool of other investors
  2. The chance to find the next big thing to invest in
  3. The trends of the ecosystem in terms of investment areas 
  4. The top leaders like executives and policymakers

All the above will be gained through your attendance at various events which the SG Delegation will have access. The crown jewel of these events is the World Innovation Economics 4th Annual Event, which will be co-hosted by Startup Greece on 18 January 2023.

The World Innovation Economics (WIE) is an annual event which brings together the world’s most influential speakers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, startups, investors, academics and students to set a direction towards solving real-world problems. (Learn more here)

Whether you are considering visiting Davos to find your next startup gem or fellow investors, or you have already planned your trip there, you are more than welcome to be a member of our SG Delegation. All you need to do is fill in the following form:

Looking forward to seeing you in Davos as a member of the SG Delegation!