A unique networking experience for Greek tech founders.

SG Delegation. Greek Delegations of Startup Founders to remarkable Summits, Events, and Conferences.


Are you a Greek tech founder or startup enthusiast?

Here is your chance to participate in the most significant actions,

immensely expand your network and gain access to global markets.

By participating in an SG Delegation
you will have the chance to:


Pitch to investors

SG Delegations

Access great networking and funding opportunities

SG Delegations

Be invited to private events

SG Delegations

Attend networking events with thought leaders and investors

Global Markets

Explore possibilities to reach global markets

SG Delegations

Meet other Greek & Greek-originated founders of the delegation

Choose your destination :

The foundation of our organization is connecting local ecosystems to a global ecosystem. Through this action we seek in gathering founders or stakeholders of the Startup Industry and unite them in showcasing the Greek Ecosystem. Through this showcasing, we seek in solidifying the bond between ecosystems and create added values for the Greek startup ecosystem.

After your successful submission, which should be done in due time, we will review your application. The basic elements we take into consideration are your status in the Startup ecosystem (Founder, scientist etc.) , the level of your English literacy, and your motivation through a series of questions. Gender balance will be sought.

-Date of birth
-Position in the Startup Ecosystem
-What made you express your will to participate in an SG Delegation
-What are your expectation for this participation

Startup Greece covers only your attendance to different events (private or public). The events cover various topics of the Startup Industry. On the grounds of being a team, the participants will may be provided with ticket and accommodation options so they can be located in the same premises.

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