Startup Greece celebrates the momentous opportunity to meet Indian Prime Minister Modi

August marked a significant milestone for Startup Greece, and we are excited to share the exciting news with you!

On August 25th, Greece witnessed history as the country welcomed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his historic visit. This visit marked the first by an Indian Prime Minister to our country in four decades, signifying a pivotal moment in Greece’s diplomatic relations. Startup Greece, represented by our Managing Director, Thanos Paraschos, was privileged to be part of this momentous occasion. Thanos had also the honor of addressing the Indian media, where he shared his visionary perspective on the Indo-Greek partnership, emphasizing the abundant opportunities it presents, particularly in the thriving startup ecosystem.

We came to realize that initiatives like Startup India and Make In India align seamlessly with our very own counterparts, Startup Greece and Startup Universe. This alignment has paved the way for a global community committed to a shared future, underpinned by technological innovation and anchored in the spirit of entrepreneurship. 

In the spirit of strengthening our ties, we are thrilled to announce that Thanos is set to reciprocate this visit with a trip to India at the end of October. This follow-up visit further solidifies our commitment and sets the stage for continued exchange and progress between our nations.

As a gesture of our gratitude, we presented Prime Minister Modi with a meaningful artwork titled ‘Greek Perspective of the Global Leader.’ This artwork symbolizes our dedication to global unity and progress, aligning with Prime Minister Modi’s visionary motto, “One Sun, One World, One Grid.” Make sure to have a sneak peek of this beautiful piece of art in the image below!

Exciting times lie ahead as we look forward to our future collaborations with India, and we are committed to keeping you updated on our journey!