Startup Greece’s Achievements in the First Quarter of 2023: From Local to Global

Startup Greece’s Achievements in the First Quarter of 2023: From Local to Global.


Startup Greece has been busy during the first four months of 2023, and we are excited to share our achievements with you. As a leading organization promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in Greece, we’ve been working tirelessly to support early-stage startups and foster a thriving startup ecosystem. Get a sneak peek into what we’ve been up to and showcase our continued dedication to empowering Greek startups.

Startup Greece at Davos 

January was highlighted by one of the most important annual meetings on the global agenda, the World Economic Forum (WEF). Startup Greece successfully organized the first Greek Delegation, bringing together ten Greek entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders, allowing them to attend the WEF, whose events took place from the 15th to the 20th of January, 2023.The SG Delegation aimed to showcase Greece’s potential as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, foster new collaborations, establish international partnerships, and bring the Greek startup ecosystem under the global spotlight. In addition to organizing the SG Delegation, Startup Greece co-hosted the World Innovation Economics (WIE) 4th annual event at Sunstar Hotel on January 18th, 2023. The WIE is an event for discussing and highlighting the latest trends and developments in the startup ecosystem.

Startup Greece organized the “Boosting Corporate Innovation” panel during the World Innovation Economics event. Presenters and participants had the opportunity to have fruitful discussions on innovation and its role in driving economic growth and development and identify a startup’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Another highlight of the SG Delegation was the participation in the panel of the “Accelerating Digital Transformation, Building Competitive and Resilient States and Industries” session of the Greek House Davos. Through his participation, the Managing Director & Co-Founder of Startup Greece, Thanos Paraschos, described the organization’s efforts to support early-stage startups, mentioning that its mission is to drive progress and provide global access to opportunities for startup founders. His participation in the panel showcased Startup Greece’s expertise and thought leadership and demonstrated the organization’s commitment to driving innovation and transformation in Greece.

We are proud to say that the successful participation of Startup Greece in the WEF and the World Innovation Economics event showcased the organization’s dedication to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship both on a domestic and global level. These events provided a global platform to present the immense potential of Greece’s startup ecosystem. They highlighted the country’s capacity to emerge as a leader in innovation across Europe.


Startup Greece and its partnerships 

At Startup Greece, we value the help provided by others, and we are always keen on establishing partnerships that will assist us in achieving our goals and promoting the Greek startup ecosystem.

In February, we officially announced our partnership with the Technical Chambers of Greece, located in Central Macedonia and the Peloponnese. One month later, we expanded our collaborations by becoming partners at the Thinc Thrace incubator project. These partnerships will further strengthen our efforts to support the Greek startup ecosystem and provide valuable resources and services to entrepreneurs who want to bring their ideas into business.


Startup Greece across the EU

Within four months, Startup Greece managed to submit 67 project proposals and has already implemented 12 of them. But we are still there, always looking for new adventures and partnerships. If you’re a European organization looking to collaborate, register here. Watch for calls to action on our website and social media channels if you want to participate in one of our exciting projects.

Startup Greece also organized the Multiplier event presenting the results of the KA2 project “Virtual Reality Simulator Against Public Speaking Phobias” at the University of the Peloponnese. Students were informed about the project’s outcomes, including its effectiveness in combating public speaking anxiety and its potential to transform lives. It also emphasized the importance of implementing such innovative solutions in today’s world, where general speaking skills are increasingly essential for personal and professional success. Our cooperation with the University of Peloponnese is vital to our operations. We both operate under the principle of making the academic community more entrepreneurial.

One of the 12 implemented projects is “DigiYouth,” where four young workers from the Bistrita Business Academy in Romania visited Tripoli from March 27th to April 2nd, 2023. During this exciting week, participants were introduced to various digital tools to aid young people in their future endeavours. Not only that, but they also got the chance to immerse themselves in the rich Greek culture and explore different areas in the Arcadia region.

We also travelled to Sofia, Bulgaria, where we met with our partners for the KA2 project “Green Leadership for Hotel Managers”. During the visit, Startup Greece presented a comprehensive risk management plan and timetable for all activities scheduled to be implemented until September. This exciting project aims to cultivate green leadership among hotel managers, promoting pro-environmental behaviours and attitudes and encouraging employees’ adherence to green policies while positively impacting hotel guests. 

We are grateful to our partners who made the projects possible. We are excited about our future partnerships and accomplishments!


Startup Greece around the globe 

In March, we focused on expanding our horizons and forging strategic partnerships. Our Managing Director, Thanos Paraschos, travelled to Brussels to participate in the OECD-EU Youth Entrepreneurship Policy Academy. At the conference, he had the honour of representing the voice of young entrepreneurs. He proposed groundbreaking policies that promise to revolutionize the entrepreneurial landscape.

The next stops were the Netherlands and Bucharest, where Mr Paraschos engaged with various stakeholders from the local innovation ecosystems. The rich insights, ideas and perspectives that he encountered served as an inspiration for our team. We are eager to implement these learnings in the Greek startup ecosystem to propel it to greater heights of excellence!

April started with the most significant trip our organization has ever embarked on! Mr Paraschos is on a 2-month journey in the United States as part of the Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative Program, sponsored by the US government. This program spans various states, with the first leg taking place in the bustling cities of Chicago, Charlotte and Washington, DC.

This is a momentous milestone for our organization. It represents an incredible opportunity to witness first-hand one of the world’s largest and most dynamic startup scenes. Through this program, Mr Paraschos can enrich the exchange of ideas and establish invaluable collaborations with global leaders to drive meaningful change.

We are incredibly proud of this achievement and excited to see the positive impact this experience will have on our organization and the broader startup ecosystem. Stay tuned as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and entrepreneurship!


Thank you to our interns

At Startup Greece, we believe in empowering young people and expanding their horizons. Through our various internship programs, we have helped our interns acquire new knowledge and skills, work in a diverse and multicultural environment, and make meaningful contributions to our organization. We want to thank our incredible interns who travelled from Turkey, Spain, and Kazakhstan and dedicated their time and effort to our mission. We are proud to have provided them with an enriching experience. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours. You can apply if you want to have your internship at Startup Greece.



Startup Greece Actions

At Startup Greece, our core value is disseminating knowledge and promoting brilliant Greek minds behind innovative entrepreneurial ideas. This belief is embodied in our “SG Talks” action, where successful Greek entrepreneurs share their experiences, insightful tips, and stories of overcoming hardships to make a mark in the business world. Over the past four months, 12 inspiring entrepreneurs have showcased their companies and demonstrated their resilience and determination to bounce back from adversity. Their stories are a powerful source of inspiration for aspiring young entrepreneurs passionate about creating positive change in the world.

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As the Greek Startup Ecosystem continues flourishing, we are committed to highlighting the latest Greek-founded and Greek-based startups worldwide. Each month, we showcase a specific sector of the economy and its corresponding startups, all poised to revolutionize the Greek entrepreneurial landscape and make a global impact in their respective fields.

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