The Startup Universe was born as an attempt to democratize access to valuable resources (educational material, network, funding) for anyone who wants to start/run their startup business.

As a massive network of opportunities, Startup Universe is here to bridge the gap between local ecosystems and major tech startup hubs by creating an online, global and inclusive startup ecosystem!

The History of Startup Universe

From the beginning of this initiative, the foundation of our focus is and was the empowerment of Startup Founders.

 greek start-up universe

During the first round of this initiative, back in 2021 and under the name "Greek Startup Universe," we managed to assist 430 Greek founders worldwide, to overcome their obstacles and eventually receive funding and come closer to what seemed to be a wild, but meaningful and gravitative journey, their Odyssey.

Envisioned and empowered by the first success, we decided to take a leap further to what has been the bigger picture behind all of this. After contacting fellow organizations across the EU, we realized that such actions across Europe were much needed. European Programs embodied this initiative's values at the very core, and the 'Greek Startup Universe transformed' into the 'European Startup Universe.'

european start-up universe

As the programs proceeded, the first output and statistics started surfacing. The results? Astonishing!

More than 1500 Founders and 600+ Startups participated in 8 different national programs, with over 80 of them meeting Angel Investors! We were thrilled!

In retrospect of these recent outcomes, and trying to evaluate which direction this success was pushing us, we came to what seemed to be the logical reasoning, the natural evolution of this all; the transformation into the Startup Universe, with operations bringing down continental borders.

Our goal and vision? Make these empowering programs available worldwide and assist Startups across the globe towards their own vision!

Our mission? To offer a massive network of opportunities to early-stage tech startup founders worldwide, contributing to a global online inclusive ecosystem.

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