The Greek Delegation made a successful debut in Davos during the World Economic Forum

SG Delegation at Davos, a small recap

These are the SG Delegates. Thanos Paraschos, General Partner, Founderhood. Olympia Kokka, People Partner, Plum Fintech. Eva Antza, Storyteller, Social Entrepreneur. Stephanie Kioutsoukis, Managing Director, Fresh Strategy. John Harhantis, Managing Director, Infinity Greece. Dimitris Papadopoulos, Social Entrepreneur, SG Ambassador '23. Kostas Zavoudakis, Portfolio Manager, Aktionariat. Spyro Korsanos, Partner, Fuse Ventures. ZOI Agathangelidou, Executive Manager, Thinc Thrac. George tryfinopoulos, Chief Strategy Officer, Hellenic Financial Stability FundStartup Greece organized the first Greek Delegation to Davos, World Economic Forum’s environment, bringing the Greek Startup Ecosystem under the global spotlight.

Startup Greece, a leading organization in promoting and supporting the growth of startups in Greece, is proud to announce its first greek delegation to Davos. SG Delegation allowed ten Greek leaders, investors, executives, and entrepreneurs to access the WEF network from the 15th to the 20th of January.

Startup Greece at the World Innovation Economics (WIE)

Sneak peek of the World Innovation Economics 4th Annual Event, with the audience. As part of its actions, Startup Greece co-hosted the World Innovation Economics (WIE) at Sunstar Hotel on the 18th of January. The WIE is a platform for discussing and highlighting the latest trends and developments in the startup ecosystem.  

Through the WIE, Startup Greece, holding on to its commitment to fostering innovation and creating inclusivity even on a corporate level, organized a panel called “Boosting Corporate Innovation”, at Davos, Switzerland, on the 18th of January, from 19:00 to 19:30 CET. The panel aimed to connect the dots is of the highest importance at this level, ultimately identifying a Startup’s strengths and weaknesses. At the same level, gravity co-exists, innovation fostering and engulfment. Through this realization lay some of the most effective decisions to be taken for the profitability of such programs. 

Dr Thomas Juli – Human Business Architect, Εxecutive at Allianz Andreas Iten – CEO, F10 Incubator Stephanie Kioutsoukis – Managing Director, Fresh Strategy Alexander Romanyshyn – Executive Board Member, ISE Accelerator & VC The panel’s facilitator was: Olympia Kokka, Board Member Startup Greece.

 To explain how all these processes can be of utmost importance, we were honored to have four panelists. These panelists were: 

The panel’s facilitator was:

Startup Greece at the Greek House Davos 

Thanos Paraschos at the panel of Greek House Davos 2023.Another highlight of the SG Delegation was the participation in the panel of the “Accelerating Digital Transformation, Building Competitive and Resilient States and Industries” session of the Greek House Davos. Our Managing Director & Co-Founder, Thanos Paraschos, through his participation in this session, described the efforts of Startup Greece on the topic. 

Commenting on his participation, Thanos said, “We, at Startup Greece, are here to accelerate the progress of humankind, providing access to opportunities like network and funding to every startup founder around the globe.” 

Insights from the SG Delegation at Davos

The SG Delegation at Davos, the first-ever delegation from Greece to attend, with no government ties, had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a global environment and set the foundations for future endeavors. These future endeavors will be made public soon, and they work as added fuel for Startup Greece to stay committed to its goals and objectives.

The following statement by one of the delegates, Ms Eva Antza, sums up the success of the SG Delegation;

A team photo of the first greek delegation at Davos, during the World Economic Forum. This is Olympia Kokka, Zoi Agathangelidou, Thanos Paraschos, John Harhantis, Dimitris Papadopoulos, Kostas Zavoudakis, Eva Antza.

“If a dream were a photo, this would be it. Ten thoughtful delegates who want to leave their mark on the world through their actions. #Davos2023 was a fantastic experience, full of new experiences, people, and emotions. Yes, emotions. Even though it is all about humans, humans also have feelings. And, even though it is a place full of masculine energy, I saw souls! Driven individuals who strive to achieve their goals and dreams. That is stunning on its own. Whether we like it or not. 

I wish all the souls I met and connected with the best, and I hope always to be as driven as you were! It was an honor to work with you, my fellow delegates. And, as some have stated, Greeks can accomplish great things whether the state assists them or not! 

Thank you, Startup Greece!” 

Finally, the SG Delegation at Davos was highly praised by International and National Stakeholders for its initiative and involvement in various events, taking part in the WEF 23. Many future invitations were made to its members.

Few Words about the WEF

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a global platform for leaders from all sectors of society to come together and address pressing global issues. This year’s event will focus on Cooperation in a Fragmented World: Addressing Pressing Crises, Tackling Future Challenges. The WEF 23 took place from the 16th of January to the 20th of January 2023 in Davos, Switzerland. 

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Startup Greece is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the growth of Greeks in tech. Through mentorship, networking, and educational programs, Startup Greece helps startups succeed and contribute to the country’s economic growth.

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