The Power of Youth: Driving Change and Sustainability in March

Hello, everyone! 

The first month of spring brought an air of renewal throughout our organisation and across Tripoli,. bringing together creative and youthful minds from different parts of the world.


Our three-day packed agenda started on Friday, 22 April, with The EUTeens4Green project. Our Managing Director, Thanos Paraschos, opened the session, welcoming participants and was followed by Christiana D. Gardikioti, of Meraki People, taking the main stage. Christianas’ contagious energy captivated the participants, engaging them in a thought-provoking discussion and encouraging them to think innovatively. Christiana shared her journey, discussing the obstacles she overcame, and left a lasting impression. with her passion for nature and advocacy for revitalising rural areas. Her advice, to never exclude nature from future business plans and endeavours, resonated deeply. This session closed with the insightful words of EU Teens facilitator, Dr Konstantinos Stergiou.


As the day progressed, the Shazaam project, held online, engaged Greek participants in a crucial contemporary issue: misinformation. This initiative aims to fight the continuous spread of scientific misinformation among Generation Z users. All the participants were actively engaged in a constant conversation spanning different topics on which the spread of misinformation could occur. The coordinators created a space where diverse opinions could flourish, fostering critical thinking and responsible communication.

EU Youth Goals

The excitement was just beginning. For the next three days, 15 young participants from different European countries, gathered together in Tripoli,. to discuss point no.7 of the EU Youth Goals “Quality Employment for All: accessible labour market with opportunities that lead to quality jobs for all young people.” The participants get to know each other and deepen their bonds while participating in visual art and kinesthetic workshops,. promoting self and social awareness, hosted by Nadia Paraschou. As connections were made, participants were challenged by Kostas Karzis, to come together and take part in a simulation, as active European policymakers, familiarising themselves with official processes, considering various perspectives, and seeking solutions to real-world issues.

Youth exchange programme

The month ended, with two of our team members visiting Bansko, Bulgaria, where they participated in the “Start-up your career” youth exchange programme. This initiative aimed to increase the competencies of young people regarding the topic of social entrepreneurship in a local and intercultural environment and to improve their knowledge and motivation to become the inspiration for social change.

In closing, the events of this past month underscore the pivotal role that the new generation plays in crafting a sustainable and inclusive future. By actively engaging in dialogues, challenging conventional thinking, and pioneering innovative solutions, young people are at the forefront of driving meaningful change. 

See you next month!

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