The six startups that participated in the Bifrost program

Startup Greece, with the support of the Technical Chamber of Greece, the Regional Department of Western Crete, the Regional Department of Central Macedonia, and the Regional Department of the Peloponnese, organized a startup pitch event titled “Demo Day – STARTUP GREECE SPRING 2024”. The event took place on Friday, April 26th at 16:00.

The startups that participated were:
  • Efficious: EFFICIOUS is a resource exchange platform intended for companies that wish to create added value while achieving their environmental goals by exchanging unused or underutilized resources and products in the spirit of circular and sharing economy.
  • Apollo GS: Apollo Green Solutions develops an intelligent Energy Management Systems with cutting-edge data, deep learning models for interoperability, and a meshed network.
  • The Sarm Project: The Sarm Project is developing mechanical devices for the energy & propulsion industries, that tackle high energy and cost requirements while boosting power & efficiency far beyond today’s technology.
  • Turn It Green: Turn It Green is the one-stop platform for climate literacy, aiming to educate consumers, professionals and organisations through tailored and gamified educational challenges, workshops and advices!
  • Dimitra Papadopoulou Environmental Energy Solutions and More: The S Luxury Capsule is a unique luxury product by EES that covers multiple needs with consideration for the environment and focusing on sustainability.
  • Nature Above: Nature Above merges sustainability with design by providing solutions for green roofs, vertical gardens and landscape design.

Thanos Paraschos presented the program’s results while Anne-Sophie Therese Mikhos was very happy to have supported this initiative. Furthermore, Mr. Tsolakis talked about the Technical Chamber of Greece and showed his strong support for the startups.