This month in Greek Startups – April 23 | The Greek Ecosystem’s News

Hello everyone!

It’s our monthly date to learn about the new round of Greek startups that were funded in April! So, what do you think? Let’s start!

Douleutaras is the app you need to get a job done. The platform has a vast network of professionals in various industries, which you can easily access and find the most suitable ones for your work. The Greek startup successfully secured 5 million euros from multiple investors to support its services in European countries and develop new technological features for the growth of its professional partners and provide a better customer experience.

The innovative company, Velos Rotors, is here to change the aircraft scene! The startup has developed a twin-engine, fully redundant patent to design drone helicopters for industrial applications! It recently raised 2 million dollars from Marathon Venture Capital to help cater for the growing demand for its UAV helicopter, enabling it to expand its operations and meet customer needs more efficiently.

Who said that a 20 million dollar investment is impossible? KoRo just achieved it! The company offers high-quality food based on a sustainable business model to reduce plastic and packaging-related emissions. Congratulations!

The last startup is Perceptual Robotics! The company designs and implements wind turbine inspection solutions with the help of artificial intelligence and drones. The 2.7 million pound investment aims to grow the company worldwide and improve and expand its existing products.

Stay tuned for the next month to learn more about the success of Greek startups in the field of investments!