This month in Greek Startups – APR24 | The Greek Ecosystem’s News

April marks a vibrant period for Greece’s startup scene, bustling with new projects and innovative ideas. Greek startup funding news highlights recent financial boosts for two innovative companies, DeepCure and Orbito Travel. Let’s look at two startups that are making significant strides this spring.

DeepCure, a biotech firm, has gathered over $72 million in funding, with a recent $24.6 million to boost its technology. This company uses artificial intelligence to speed up the development of new drugs. By combining the talents of AI engineers, data scientists, and biologists, DeepCure focuses on discovering and creating effective treatments faster by targeting specific proteins related to diseases.

Orbito Travel, another exciting startup, has developed an online travel platform especially for travelers with mobility impairments. Recently, they secured €125,000 in funding from an IFP investor and two business angels. This support will help Orbito Travel grow both in Greece and internationally. Their goal is to make travel easier and more accessible for people with limited mobility by ensuring all parts of the travel process are accessible.

Both of these companies show the dynamic and promising nature of the startup environment in Greece, as they push forward with innovative solutions in their fields.

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