This month in Greek Startups – August 23 | The Greek Ecosystem’s News

Hello, Startup Enthusiasts!

While the calendar signals the end of summer, Greek startups are determined to keep the temperature high!

Let’s dive into the success stories of these 3 Greek startups.

The funding scene was on fire after Endor Labs secured 70 million dollars in funding raised by Lightspeed Venture Partners, Coatue (kowt͡ʃu), and other prominent investors. Their mission? To enhance application security without impeding the developer productivity tax. Leading in secure software supply chains, Endor Labs boosts dev efficiency, curbing redundant alerts.

Well done, Endor Labs!

Next in line, SPOROS Platform secured a 30.5 million euros fund from HDB- Hellenic Development Bank SA. Centered around the Circular Economy in Greece and Southeastern Europe, they aim to enhance the value of environmentally conscious businesses dedicated in prolonging the lifecycle of products, reducing waste, and advancing resource efficiency.

Congratulations SPOROS Platform! 

Having trouble operating and mastering BGP protocol? Code BGP, recently acquired by Cisco, is here to simplify BGP operations, decrease network management costs, and mitigate service disruptions. The company’s founders and co-creators of ARTEMIS, prioritize building secure, reliable, and high-performance systems to fulfill these goals.

Keep an eye out for more updates next month as we delve deeper into the accomplishments of Greek startups in the world of investments. Until then, take care and keep your entrepreneurial spirit alive!