This month in Greek Startups – DECEMBER 2022 | The Greek Ecosystem’s News

In the past month, many greek-origin startups were funded, in order to skyrocket their businesses! Let’s have a look at 6 of them!

Welcome Pickups is a platform, which aims to make the experience of tourists more enjoyable, carefree and easier. It managed to raise €5.3 million in funding, so as to grow its network towards North and South America and develop new products.

Next in line is ZOE, a startup that helps you understand how food affects the body. And how does it do it? By counting your blood sugar, blood fat and gut microbiome. It recently announced $30 million in funding! Impressive!

Moving to the next startup, Blueground is an online booking platform enabling its users to find their dream rental at affordable prices and based on their needs and preferences! After many years in the business market, Abu Dhabi’s main wealth fund ADQ, invested in the startup, but the exact size of the investment has not yet been disclosed.

The following startup is CheMastery Group, a chemistry automation platform focusing on how research and manufacture are carried out in chemical laboratories. With the aim of further expanding its research and development processes, it raised a successful seed round!

Let’s go to the maritime industry with the maritime startup Harbor Lab, which secured €6.1 million with the purpose of making shipping dock easier and cheaper. The Athens-based company’s SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) application automatically calculates and evaluates port expenses against real-time port tariffs.

Last but not least, Runway, one of the two startups behind the popular AI text-to-image model Stable Diffusion, has raised new funding valued at $500 million.