This month in Greek Startups – FEBRUARY 23 | The Greek Ecosystem’s News

As promised, the new fundraising startups of February have been announced, and we know everything about them! So, what do you think? Let’s meet them!

Wikifarmer is all about promoting agriculture and making it accessible to everyone! It successfully secured 5 million euros in its initial funding stage, with Point Nine being the lead investor! The main objective of this investment is to educate farmers worldwide and facilitate their connection to open markets for selling their products at reasonable prices. The team also plans to expand their business across Europe and introduce new functionalities to the platform.

If you live in a block of flats, you know the understanding among dwellers can be frustrating! Billys has developed a management software to make the experience of living together more harmonious while saving time, money and effort! It recently raised 800.000 euros from Genesis Ventures, Lamda Development and other angel investors.

Are you into trips but don’t have a car of your own? Instacar offers flexible leasing of cars and scooters with the choice of a monthly subscription and returning the vehicle whenever you want! Through its 55 million euro investment, Instacar intends to revolutionize the car leasing sector and expand its operations to new markets.

The last fundraising startup is Pandas! It received an investment from 5G Ventures and several other investors to extend its omnichannel technology, which facilitates the exchange of phones and smart devices. This funding aims to broaden the reach of Pandas’ technology.

Congratulations to all the startups, and may these investments skyrocket your business!

Stay tuned to get more insights into the Greek Startup Ecosystem next month! See you!